Pilot-Controller Dialogue Generator

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Using this tool

To use this tool, simply select the type of clearance you wish to generate, and then enter your ATC callsign, departure aerodrome ICAO code, ATIS information designator and destination aerodrome ICAO code. Pressing "Pilot" followed by "ATC" will generate the dialogue between the pilot and controller respectively.

Please note that this tool only works for IFR clearance!

You can use the "Example" button to generate an example clearance to get an idea of how the tool works.

The reload button will reload the page, giving you an empty form to start over.

Applying this tool

When receiving clerances from a controller, it is important that you know what to expect and what the controller actually tells you. Knowing what to expect can sometimes help you understand and hear the controller properly (particularly when the radio quality is poor), but be prepared for something different, too!

Some of the parameters which a controller will tell you cannot be predicted by this tool and, as such, they are given placeholders (denoted by square brackets). For example, your SID (departure procedure), your squawk code and the aerodrome weather conditions will vary hugely.

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