METAR Decoder

Aviation Weather Report Translator


This tool has been adapted from the original METAR Decoder JavaScript program from Manuel Heras.

Using this tool

You can enter an encoded METAR into the top text area. Click "Decode" to have the weather report translated into a human-readable format.

Please note that METARs which are in the standard US format are not supported.

The decoder doesn't convert all weather situations you will find in a METAR, but all basic weather parameters will be decoded.

You can also use the example buttons 1-4 to see examples of how the decoder works.

Applying this tool

This tool will help you to understand the basic format of a METAR, however it:

  • will not tell you the exact weather conditions at a specific location;
  • does not decode TAFs (aviation forecasts).
  • should not be used to make critical decisions, as the tool could provide false information or conflict with the actual weather.

If you see something in a METAR which you do not understand, you should consult a key of METAR parameters, or ask someone who will know.
Wikipedia provides basic information on METAR parameters which you can use.

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