Runway Analysis

Wind-based runway calculations

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      Using this tool

      This tool will provide a wind-based analysis of all of the runways at a specified aerodrome. To see the analysis, type the four-letter ICAO code of the aerodrome into the text box and click "Analyse".

      The first table will display the recent METAR (weather report) for the aerodrome, with vertical and horizontal visibility extracted.

      The second table will display the analysis. The following is a guide on what each column means.

      The two-digit runway identifier
      Length (m)
      The full length of the runway in metres
      Any extra details about the runway
      The component of the wind perpendicular to the runway, in knots
      The component of the wind parallel to the runway, in knots
      IFR use
      How appropriate the runway is for use for IFR aircraft
      Notam Information
      Checks if any Notam restrictions apply to the specific Runway
      A compass rose showing the runway direction (black) and wind direction (blue)
      Applying this tool

      Usability: the appropriateness of a runway will be determined as "yes", "possible", "atc analysis", "disadvantageous" or "no", mainly depending on cross or tail wind components.

      Remember that Air Traffic Control always determines the active runway; it is the pilot's job to determine whether it is safe to use the runway(s) depending on the conditions and their aircraft. Where no ATC is present, pilots should use all the information available to them, including the movement of other traffic, to determine the runway which they intend to use.

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